Wednesday, May 27, 2009


3. comb-kamm
6. north-põhi
7. Great Britain-Suur Britannia
8. eagle-kotkas
11. border-tüdinud
12. corn flower-rukkilill
14. famous-kuulus
15. cheap-odav
16. slim-sale
17. handsome-nägus
18. result-tulemus
19. noisy-lärmakas
23. prefer-eelistama
25. cucumber-kurk
26. gate-värav
31. honest-aus
33. arrive-saabuma
34. pillow-padi
38. fog-udu
41. towel-käterätik
44. science-loodusteadus
45. nowadays-tänapäeval

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My timetable


2. Estonian
3. Physical education
4. History
5. Lunch
6. Maths
7. Maths


1. French
2. English
3. Physical education
4. Physical education
5. Lunch
6. Estonian
7. Maths


1. French
2. Art
3. Music
4. French
5. Lunch
6. Science
7. Estonian


1. History
2. French
3. English
4. Health education
5. Lunch
6. Estonian
7. Maths


1. Design education
2. Design education
3. Science
4. Lunch
5. Maths
6. Estonian

b) My favourite subject is Physical education.
I quite like French and English.
I don't like Music and Maths.
I'm good at Physical education.
We don't study Russian, German, Geography and Information technoloy.
Next year we going to study Russian.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WB ex7 page 107

1. Helen's necklace go down the toilet.
2. I cut in craft workshop my finger.
3. I paint my hair in pink for the fancy-dress party.
4. Kate hug a strange lady in a shop.
5. Is your schoolbag had a name tag.
6. I buy marks and postcards onky on Christmas.
7. Can I use your toothpaste?-Yes ofcorse!
8. What date is on next Monday.
9. Where are your scissors?-On a table.
10. Terry invited me to movies.Are you coming to?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things go wrong (again)

My mom and me were going to the shop and then when we came out of the car then I shut the car door but my fingers were there...
Year ago we playd a tag game in the yard and I fell and my tights broke. And the game started...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

WB ex 5 p 107

I'm going to see my friend tomorrow.
I'm not going to the cinema tomorrow.
I'm not going shopping tomorrow.

I'm not going to a party next week.
I'm not going to the library next week.
I'm not going swimming next week.

I'm going to the song festival next summer.
I'm going on a trip next summer.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Things go wrong

My mom and me were going to shop and then when came out of the car then I shut a car door but my fingers were there...

It was a forth grade from and before that me and some the others girls played in yard a tag game and I fall over and my tights brakes. And the play was start...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. It's sunny.
2. It's warm.
3. The water isn't cold.
4. Sky is blue and there are some clouds.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My plans

It's seven o' clock, I'm going to eat my breakfast.
It's eight o'clock, I'm going to school.
It's nine o' clock, I'm going to my lesson.
It's ten o'clock, I'm going to have break.
It's eleven o'clock, I'm going to my another lesson and I'm hungry.
It's twelve o'clock, I'm going to have a lunch.
It's one o'clock, I'm going to my another lesson.
It's two o'clock, I'm going to home.
It's three o'clock, I'm going to eat.
It's four o' clock, I'm going to ride a bus.
It's five o' clock, I'm going to training.
It's six o'clock, I'm going to drink water.
It's seven o'clock, I'm going to home.
It's eight o'clock, I'm going to eat dinner.
It's nine o' clock, I'm going to brush my teeth.
It's ten o'clock, I'm going to sleep.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My friend' s childhood

My friend's name is Liina. She is my classmate. She was quite tall and beautiful. When she was in playschool, then she lived in Nõmme. She had short hair and she was plump. Liina drew. Her favorite food was dumplings. Liina went to school when she was seven. She didn't go to playschool. She didn't have any friends. Liina didn't like reading. She learned reading when she was five years old. Liina doesn' t like going to school.

Monday, February 16, 2009

EX 10 page 69

1. Mrs. Nelson didn' t buy bananas. She boat apples.
2. Ann didn' t eat the paer. She ate a carrot.
3. Henry didn't meet a girl. He met a boy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

EX 3

1 a lot of rats- palju rotte
2 lots of money- palju raha
3 get rid of- lahti saama
4 play the flute- flööti mängima
5 become cross- lahti saama
6 full of rats- rotte täis
7 one night- ühel ööl
8 I keep my word- Ma pean oma sõna
9 not at all- üldsegi mitte

Iregular verbs

was, were, ate, ran, get, do, came, wore, had, said, took, become

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mary had a little lamb.

Mary had alittle lamb,
Its fleece was white as snow;
And everywhere that Mari went
The lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day

Ex 9

2. The sons were strong but lazy.
3. The farmer was very wise.
5. The farmer's sons started to work hard after their father died.
6. The sons found treasure.
7. The sons got a lot of fruit from their garden.
9. The farmer's sons became rich.


1. Minu vend sööb hommikust iga päev. - My brother have breakfast every morning.
2. Kas sa käid vannis reedeti? - Do you have a bath at Friday?
3. Kas sulle meeldib duši alla käia?- Do you like have a shower.
4. Kas sa vaatad linde?-Do you have a look birds?
5. Minul on koolis lõbus.- I have fun at school.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love English 3 WB page 57 EX 8 - Translate

1. Mr Webster's cat gaught a mouse.
2. Nelly went to school in the morning.
3. The grasskopper was unhappy.
4. We saw a good movie last week.
5. Ann phoned to me last evning.
6. I met my friends at the weekend.
7. Could you read when you were a five.
8. Your table was mess at this morning.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Grasshopper 3

Storyteller: Liina
Grasshopper: Kristjan
Spider: Mari,Elena

Storyteller : The grasshopper hopped on and on in the grass.It was a beautiful day ,but the grasshopper was not happy at all.He met a spiders.

Grasshopper : Good afternoon!
Spider1 : Hello ,what do you need?
Spider2 : Yes , what's the problem?
Grasshopper : I can't sing,can you teach me?
Spider2: Öakk , I hate singing.
Spider1 : Yes ,me too ,it makes us sick.
Grasshopper : OH , I'm really sorry ,spiders.I did'nt no this.
Spiders : Then we go ,bye !
Hopper : Bye!

Storyteller : Grasshopper goes home.He was very sad.He started to rub his legs togehter. He hear music ,and did it again.

Grasshopper : OH ,I made it, I made it!
Storuteller : The grasshopper was not sad anymore.